Topic: Flood protection in mountain catchments

Resolution: In mountainous catchments, hydrotechnical solutions are more efficient for flood protection than nature-based solutions

Description: Students will consider the advantages and disadvantages of managing the catchment of mountain rivers with natural-based methods and hydrotechnical solutions, such as building a large retention reservoir. The materials focus on possible environmental consequences, in context of flood risk.

Topic: Anthropogenic seismicity

Resolution: Locating a new important infrastructure and human habitat should not be allowed in the area of ​​anthropogenic seismic hazard

Description: Students will consider whether places threatened by anthropogenic hazards should be excluded from any human activity and infrastructure development, or maybe investors should be obliged to use shock-proof structures. The impact of mining on the natural environment is also explained. This topic tackles issue of conflicts of interest in man-environment relations.

Topic: Sea transport in the Arctic

Resolution: Sea transport in the Arctic Ocean should be developed

Description: This material gives insight into problems of the Arctic areas from the point of view of the needs of the economy, in particular the transport of countries located in this zone. Students learn about the economic benefits of shortening the transport routes as well as environmental threats (environmental pollution, acceleration of glacier melting processes).

Topic: Wind Energy

Resolution: In mid – latitudes, wind energy should be developed rather than other renewable energy sources

Description: Students will consider environmental, technical and economic aspects of using wind energy in the perspective of climate change.  Reliability of such energy source will be considered, as well as landscape modification, wildlife threat and climate change influence.


Topic:Geoengineering vs climate change

Resolution: Governments should invest in geoengineering techniques to counteract climate change

Description: We have just a decade to reduce emissions and achieve the Paris Agreement’s highest ambition of limiting warming to 1.5°C. We have been warned, repeatedly, of the high stakes of our present climate gamble. If we continue on our current course, radical solutions are going to be needed sooner rather than later. Students will consider whether geoengineering is a safe, efficient and necessary method to combat climate change.