Topic: Space exploration

Resolution: The future of humanity depends on space exploration

Description: Since antiquity, humans used to watch the night sky and guess the secrets that were hidden in this galactic dark veil. Men used their imagination to plan  trips to space  and they were dreaming of travelling to the moon. The dream came true fifty years ago due to the landing of Apollo on the Moon.

The 21st century is justifiably characterized as the century milestone for the space exploration. The future of humanity seems to be strictly related to the space exploration, since many scientists support the idea of building colonies in space because of the rapid population growth, the research of new hospitable universes and the need for more energy and natural resources. But, what about the relative hazards of such scenarios? Many scholars and stakeholders emphasize that the high cost of the space exploration as well as the intense competition about the domination of space etc. might provoke serious problems for humanity in the future

Topic: Nanotechnology: health and anvironment

Resolution: The use of nanomaterials causes severe health problems


Nanotechnology, as the study and the technological production of mini-objects (with at least one dimension sized from 1 to 100 nanometers) is characterized as an important dimension of the fourth industrial revolution  (4IR). As such, nanotechnology and its technological applications, that is the production of various forms of nanomaterials, pose questions  regarding its positive or negative consequences to health, to the environment and to the daily life.


Topic: Nuclear Energy and Renewable Energy

Resolution: Exploiting nuclear power is the only solution to meet the energy problem

Description: Harnessing the power of the atomic nucleus for peaceful purposes is one of the most astonishing scientific and technological achievements of our times. Nuclear Power Plants (NPPs) provides about 18% of the electricity we use, giving the opportunity for many countries to develope and prosper. Moreove, the global economy faces challenges like sustainability, environmenyal risks, financial crisis and NPPs are working with not a risk-free technology (radioative uranium atoms). So ‘compining’ all the above, in order to built a new and safer NPP and to manage in-time the emergencies, is ergent and must be updated (considering the big disasters of the past – Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, Fukosima). But, in order to manage NPPs emergencies, it is necessary to understand the today problems, to build new knowledge, and take under cosideration also the demographic data of the populations living in areas near the NPPs.

Topic: Internet Access & Development

Resolution: Global internet access can be achieved only through wireless networking

Description: Within the context of the fourth industrial revolution, Internet plays a critical role concerning various dimensions of social change all around the world. Internet’s usage growth emphasizes not only the necessity of universal access to it, even for the developing countries, but, also, the need for faster speeds and wider reach. At this point, an important scientific issue arises: is it cable networks or wireless networks that are more reliable for safe, fast and global access to Internet?

Due to the current educational package, students will have the opportunity to examine the advantages and disadvantages of satellites, micro-satellites, optical fibers, 5G technologies, relative health problems etc. As a consequence, students will be provided with all the necessary scientific information that will permit them to problematize and debate about this modern scientific issue


Topic:Biotechnology: Ηealth and Environment

Resolution:  Biotechnology is the enemy of human health.

                      ● The environment will benefit from thebiotechnology. 


21st century is characterized by the rapid growth and discovery of new technological and scientific achievements. However, many of the technological and scientific developments of modern society have raised concerns and objections in the community about whether they ultimately promote sustainable development. On the other hand, there is the portion of society that is supportive of every new scientific and technological discovery. Biotechnology is one of the scientific areas that has witnessed rapid growth and progress in recent years. Life sciences are the ones that have a central role in the development of technology and science and are directly linked to health, the natural environment, agriculture and industry. In this educational package, there are indicative activity suggestions and additional links to the full study of biotechnology so that students acquire the necessary knowledge base to be able to formulate arguments for or against biotechnology. The methodology for implementing the activities involves the use of many different teaching tools (educational toys, creative constructions, theatrical plays, card and story games) for the multifaceted development of the personality and the skills of the student.