The Institute of Geophysics PAS (the highest evaluation category A+ received in 2017) is a scientific institution representing the mainstream of Polish basic research in Earth sciences. It is the only institution in Poland that performs monitoring of geophysical fields in seismology, geomagnetism, and selected areas of atmospheric physics. The main statutory tasks of the Institute include scientific research, development, monitoring and educational activities, as well as dissemination of the results of the research and their implementation in the economy.

IGF has been conducting intensive educational activities and is active in science communication and dissemination. The most important achievements in this field include:
• coordination of the national project EDUSCIENCE (2011-2015), in which 3,500+ schools in Poland participated. The final EDUSCIENCE products were: an innovative e-learning platform containing a database of over 15.000+ educational resources and tools for creating interactive materials, crosswords and mind maps, popular-science portal, methodological support for teachers, trips to institutes and scientific observatories, and nationwide nature monitoring program.
• coordination of the European project EDU-ARCTIC (H2020, 2016-2019), which is currently being implemented by teachers from 50 countries around the world, taking part in online lessons and Arctic competitions and reporting meteorological and phenological observations in specially created monitoring system.
• coordination of the European ERIS program (ERASMUS +, 2015-2018), in which 30 educational packages based on real research results were prepared and disseminated in English and national languages (Polish, French, Romanian).
• cooperation with EUN as the National Contact Point Scientix 2 (FP7) and Scientix 3 (H2020).