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Description: The 21st century is justifiably characterized as the century milestone for the space exploration. For this reason, this educational package aims to familiarize students with the main advances that are related to the space exploration and its connections to problems that exist on the planet Earth such as the rapid population growth, the research of new hospitable universes and the need for more energy and natural resources.

The 16 Information Cards of the package present historical facts and figures that are related to space exploration, effects of space travels and missions on the development of human knowledge, biological consequences of the space flights as well as problems (space debris) and hazards that are related to space exploration. 10 Story Cards include information about inventions that are developed due to human exploration (e.g. satellite navigations system) and problematize students on the possibilities of space militarization, the colonization of Mars, the cost of space exploration and the development of space law. There are 12 Question Cards that help students deepen their reflections on the topic of Space Exploration. A 8.21-minute video lecture presents the main positive and negative aspects of the space exploration inviting students to participate to a unique trip of both imagination and scientific knowledge.