Resolution: The future of humanity depends on space exploration

Description: The 21st century is justifiably characterized as the century milestone for the space exploration. For this reason, this educational package aims to familiarize students with the main advances that are related to the space exploration and its connections to problems that exist on the planet Earth such as the rapid population growth, the research of new hospitable universes and the need for more energy and natural resources. The 16 Info Cards are related to space exploration, effects of space travels and missions on the development of human knowledge, biological consequences of the space flights as well as problems (space debris) and hazards. 10 Story Cards include information about inventions that are developed due to human exploration (e.g. satellite navigations system), possibilities of space militarization, the colonization of Mars, the cost of space exploration and the development of space law. There are 12 Question Cards and a video lecture presents the main positive and negative aspects of the space exploration inviting students to participate to a unique trip of both imagination and scientific knowledge.

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Resolution: The use of nanomaterials causes severe health problems

Description: Looking ahead with a clear vision and aiming at the active participation of each European country in the global educational development, it is considered appropriate for the students of the modern European school to be informed and to deal, in essence, with nanotechnology, which is one of the most important dimensions of the 4th industrial revolution. This educational package explores the basic concepts of Nanotechnology (e.g. nanoscale, nanomaterials), its applications in medicine, pharmacology, industry, cosmetics and related issues (e.g. economic) that arise or are likely to arise in the future as well as possible ways to address these problems. The 16 information cards of the package give a good overview of a) the nanotechnology applications, b) its relationship to various diseases, the environment and the economic development, c) the nanotoxicity in plants. 11 Story Cards present its history, potential hazards of nanotechnology to human health and the environment and specific applications of nanotechnology related to medicine and to other fields of human action. There are 10 question cards that help students to get acquainted with the topic of Nanotechnology. A 9.24-minute video lecture presents the main aspects (positive and negative) of Νanotechnology use in our era.

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Resolution: Exploiting nuclear power is the only solution to meet the energy problem


This educational package introduces students to the energy issue: the advantages and disadvantages of nuclear energy and renewable forms of energy, cultivating the role of a responsible citizen. The 18 information cards give a good overview on the importance of fossil fuels energy in climate change and into the environmental pollution, the probable benefits and risks that the use of nuclear energy entails as well as the possible environmental and economic benefits and harms deriving from the installation of hydroelectric and nuclear power plants. Also, 11 story cards present the variability of Renewable Energy Sources, its dependence on environmental conditions and  problematize students about the cost of energy produced by RES and nuclear power plants. There are 21 question cards that help students to get acquainted with the Energy Issue. A 10-minute video lecture presents the main advantages and disadvantages of both RES and nuclear sources of energy.

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Resolution: Global internet access can be achieved only through wireless networking

Description: The increase in the global usage of the Internet multiplies geometrically the needs for a wider and faster internet. For this reason, this package aims to familiarize students with the types of Internet Access and the general networking of devices that is known to be done by wireless and wired means and to problematize them on the connection of Internet access to the world development. The package explores basic concepts and technologies of Internet Access such as networking and global networking, 5G technology and connects various technological applications (e.g. IoT, MTM, autonomous cars etc.) with fast Internet Access. The 17 Info Cards present the different categories of Internet Access Technology (3G, 4G and 5G), advantages and disadvantages in the field of development and economy from the use of different Internet Technologies as well as biological effects of radio waves and related myths. 14 Story Cards include information about the history of Internet and its relationship to the Economy, Growth and Education, the relationship between Internet and space, the use of 5G worldwide and the relevant forecasts and the technologies that can be supported through a fast Internet. There are 14 question cards and a video lecture, which presents the main aspects of wired and wireless access to Internet and the relative advantages and disadvantages.

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Resolution: ●  Biotechnology is the enemy of human health.

● The environment will benefit from thebiotechnology.

Description: Biotechnology is a catalyst in the field of health, agricultural and food industries improving living conditions. However, many scientists claim that it carries many risks for both, health and environment. This educational package explores the concept of biotechnology both in the fields of health and environment. Students will explore its connection in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases, in the production of transgenic plants and animals, in the recycling and treatment of sewage, solid waste and oil spills.The toolkit contain 28 information cards and 15 story cards, which reveal the role of pharmaceutical products for the treatment of diseases, the importance of vaccine discoveries, adverse effects based on animal experiments related to GM foods and the connection of biotechnology to the phenomenon of climate change and of world hunger and 22 question cards that help students to get acquainted with the topic of Biotechnology. A video  lecture talks about its importance in the human daily life.

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